About Us

IWW General Defense Committee

Since 1917

The General Defense Committee (GDC) of the I.W.W. was created in 1917, to defend workers facing legal attack for their political beliefs & organizing work by connecting them with resources for legal aid, jail support, & employment. 

Today, the GDC has expanded beyond legal defense & to a broader defense of the working class through community organizing & direct action.


 The Portland GDC

Active (again) since 2017

The Portland GDC is a non-binary- and women-led organization currently working on:
– Movement Maintenance
– Jail Support
– Infrastructural Trainings
– Anti-deportation Planning
– Mutual Aid
– Action Safety
– Legal/Court Support


Our Vision

Principles we work from

We envision a future where every community has the autonomy & freedom to live as they see fit. This future cannot be commanded by some political leader. It must come from the power of the people, organizing ourselves within our communities. Our greatest strength as the peoples of the working class comes from our collective power. 

We’re looking to work with people who share our goal of building structures outside of the state that are:

– Women & NB centered
– Horizontal
– Accessible
– Anti-racist
– Anti-imperialist
– Anti-colonialist
– Intersectional
– Anti-fascist
– Safe
– Building worker power