FYI: Door Knock

Sometime in the last two weeks, an officer from the Portland Police called and visited the home of the mother of one of the General Defense Committee member’s former partners. The officer asked about the identity and whereabouts of this member and for the information of this former friend. The former partner was also called and asked for the same information. During the same time, the police knocked on another member’s door but the member refused to open the door.

We feel it is important for the broader community to know that the Portland Police are investigating Portland activists and contacting their friends and families to ask about them. We want to make people aware that the state will contact exes, people you are no longer friends with, and people with whom you have had or have conflicts or fights.

While we know these kinds of actions by the police can be scary and create panic, we encourage our community to support each other, spread calm and take strategic and effective action. Never talk to the police or open your door to them. If they have a warrant of any kind, look at the warrant before letting them into the place you are at. Even if they have a warrant, do NOT talk to them. Legally the police can lie to us but it is a crime for us to lie to them. Tell them over and over until they stop engaging you that “I will not answer any questions and I want a lawyer.”

We are stronger when we stand in solidarity together and share information about any repression by the police that is happening. If you or someone you know is visited by the police, tell any comrades that you have about the visit. Give as much detail as you can. Then contact the General Defense Committee at and 503-208-4782 and the National Lawyers Guild at The GDC can provide you support dealing with repression and the NLG can help you find a lawyer if you need one.