How to Prepare In Case You are Visited

There are something you can do to prepare yourself in the event that the police visit you at your home or stop you on the street

  1. Talk to your housemates, partners, lovers, or anyone else whose home you are at a lot about what could happen for example a police visitation, your arrests, or a subpoena to a grand jury and what they should do if the state shows up to talk to them 
  2. Leave a poster or sticker or note by the door reminding yourself and others that you do not need to open the door to the police and that if questioned you should say “I will be remaining silent. I want to speak to a lawyer.”
  3. It is possible the state may visit your family or your work, as an organization or group of friends talk about how this might impact you and others in your organization or friend group and make a plan for how you want to address this with your family and/ or work.
  4. Make a support plan that addresses these questions: what do you need in terms of mental, emotional and material support when you are faced with a crisis? What would you need if you got arrested? What would you need if you went to jail for an extended period? 
  5. Set up a system with your organization or group of friends to communicate quickly with each other in the event of a visitation, arrest or subpoena.