Important: Door Knock and Arrest, 8/27/19

Earlier today a comrade in Portland had their home raided by the Portland Police in relation to one of the recent demonstrations. The Portland Police detained this activist on charges including rioting, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. The police seized many items of clothing, some goggles, and walkie talkies. In these situations, remember to get all paperwork from the officers and look it over to ensure they are only taking what is listed on the warrant. Take pictures of any damage. Do not talk to the police. Once the police have left, or you are released, immediately contact the NLG, your comrades, and the GDC to get the word out. It’s important to communicate about what is going on, and be upfront with your comrades and community about what happened while interacting with the police, and anything you learned in that process. Having your home invaded by the police is terrifying and this is their intent. Lean on your community if this happens. We are stronger and safer when we openly share information and support each other through these experiences.