Anti-repression Relational Security

Relational Security and Prevention

A central part of relational security is that relationships are the building blocks for organizations and projects, and that practices that keep them healthy and resilient do the same for our organizations and projects. Disruptive people, actions, and relational divides […]

Anti-repression Relational Security

Relational Security and Oppressive Power

Oppressive Power is a set of power dynamics that arise from the white hetero patriarchal capitalism that structures society today. This power shows up in our organizing and communities through different disruptive and problematic behaviors and actions. These behaviors don’t […]

Anti-repression Relational Security

Relational Security: An overview

In 2016 a group of mostly trans and cis women, nonbinary and queer folks developed a series of trainings around the concept of community self-defense. The last of these trainings was about a concept the group called “relational security”. The […]


This is All Too Familiar

For many of us getting involved with the current Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests is the first time we have been out on the streets taking actions to make change. We are appalled by the use of tear […]

Anti-repression Guides

If you are visited by law enforcement…

We have confirmed reports of law enforcement visiting people’s homes, as well as lots of rumors about this sort of repression happening around Portland. First and foremost: DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE. Just don’t talk. It is the safest […]