Types of Repression: Infiltration

Infiltration is when either a member of a state agency or someone being paid by a state agency or enticed as part of a plea deal becomes a part of your organization or action without letting you know their state […]


Types of Repression: Media Narratives

Another way that the state can repress movements is by using media and spreading specific narratives that divide people within the movement or try to destroy public support for a movement. A common practice is to work with news media […]


Types of Repression: Surveillance

Surveillance is a type of repression. Obvious surveillance is when you can tell that someone is watching you. This is often used to  scare or intimidate a person or group of people to get them to stop protesting or to […]


Types of Repression: Intimidation

As protests continue, we are seeing an increase in repression of the movement and anyone taking part in it. Repression is the process of the state, both local and federal agencies, attempting to disrupt, destroy, and co-opt organizations, actions, movements, […]


PDX Protest Bail Fund

The General Defense Committe Local 1 in Portland, Oregon, has established a fundraiser ( to cover bail and other legal expenses for protesters arrested in Portland, Oregon in connection to protests against George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police, along with […]

Anti-repression Incident Statements

Statement on Grand Jury testimony

Today, Thursday, August 15th, 2019, a grand jury will hear testimony regarding several local far right activists and fascists. Several local self-identified anti-fascists will be testifying at the grand jury against these members of the far right. While we must […]

Anti-repression Incident Statements

FYI: Door Knock

Sometime in the last two weeks, an officer from the Portland Police called and visited the home of the mother of one of the General Defense Committee member’s former partners. The officer asked about the identity and whereabouts of this […]