What you can do individually when faced with state repression: After you are visited

After you have a visit from law enforcement, immediately contact the GDC (503-442-0866), the National Lawyers Guild (503-902-5340) and members of any organizing groups you are a part of. You can protect others and yourself by letting other people know to be prepared and stop the state from gaining any more information or catching people off guard. Surprise is one of the state’s ways of getting people to make a mistake and share information because they are scared and/or unprepared.

Write down as detailed a description of what happened as possible. If you can take photos of the people who visited and their vehicles this can help identify them.  Collect any documents including cards, warrants, etc and include these documents with your description. Share your description and all information with your comrades or organization. Let people close to you know that you have been visited so they can be prepared if they are visited as well. Ask for support from your comrades and community ie checking in on you, listening to your talk about your feelings, making you dinner, doing laundry or other tasks, staying with you or letting you stay with them, getting a massage/ acupuncture/ herbs for stress or other care strategies that work best for you

Be upfront when you make a mistake like talking to the police in any way. People get scared or upset and try to explain themselves or don’t realize they have given out information. Remember you can always stop talking and assert your right to remain silent and should do so. Immediately let anyone impacted know what you said and what that state said in response. Listen to your comrades feelings and concerns and address them as best as possible. Make a plan for how you will deal with the state the next time and practice your plan so you will be prepared.