What You Can Do Individually When Faced with State Repression Part 1

One of our most important tools when dealing with any state repression is to remain silent. Don’t talk to law enforcement for any reason. Here’s why: 

  • Talking to the police for any reason is always a risk and can put you or your comrades in danger
  • Law enforcement or state agents will start by trying to talk to you about innocuous and low level things to see how willing you are to speak to them. They might ask you questions that seem random or not useful but they are always fishing for any kind of information including a map of our social and political networks, fractures or divides between people and groups, and any kind of illegal activity
  • Lying to any law enforcement is a crime. Lying to federal agents is a 5 to 7 year term in federal prison. Even “I don’t know” could be charged as a lie if found that you did know the answer to the question. For example: If you say you don’t know someone but the cops have a picture of you with or by that person, you are considered lying. Law enforcement often uses lies as an easy way to pile on charges and force someone to take a plea deal in which they have to give information on their comrades in some way.